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A platform that makes building, scaling and managing servers of any size and budget easy.

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Scalable and Affordable Server Hosting for Any Project Size

We offer simple, linearly scaling prices that are perfect for anyone on a budget, whether you‘re a hobbyist with a personal project or a professional with a high-demand production application.

MinecraftMinecraft: Bedrock

Game Servers

Rev up your online gaming community with a high-performance Cloudnode server.



Virtual Private Servers

Streamline your application deployment with our powerful and scalable Linux KVMs.


For €5–€6/mo*

Web Hosting

Get your website up and running with our feature-packed web hosting solutions.



Flexible Pod Hosting

Experience the power of Kubernetes with our flexible container hosting.



Cloud Storage

Secure storage with 10 Gbit uploads and downloads on every Cloudnode server.

Per 100GB


DDoS Protection

Get a dedicated anycast DDoS-protected IPv4 to forward clean traffic to any host.

Per IPv4


* All prices, features and specifications shown are samples based on estimates and may change slightly until Cloudnode launches.

Maximize your multiplayer gaming experience

Take your game server to the next level with our extensive set of game-changing features that are guaranteed to improve your gaming experience.

Blocks malicious traffic and bots before reaching and overloading your server. Network capacity of 12 Tbps from Path Network.

DDoS protection

Our host machines are arrayed with high-end CPUs, RAM and NVMe SSDs for maximum performance.


No ads. Unlimited players, plugins, mods and worlds. You are in control of your server.

No game limits

If you need help, contact us at any time and we will swiftly assist you or resolve your problem.

Professional support

Create as many backups as you need and revert your server with a single click. Backups are saved in your Cloud Storage.


Create databases, users and tables as you need at no extra cost, saved in your Cloud Storage.


Automatically run commands, perform power operations, create backups and more.


Not satisfied with our selection of Minecraft server jars? We let you upload your own one.

Upload custom jar

Not satisfied with the startup flags? We let you change the entire command.

Change start command

Install, remove and configure plugins with just a single click.

Simple plugin management

Your server is created instantly and you can start playing right away.

Instant deployment

All servers come with 1 Gbps bandwidth and unlimited traffic.

1 gigabit, unmetered

We don‘t limit for how long your server can run and no manual confirmation is required to keep it running. We guarantee 99.9% uptime.

Unlimited uptime

Gaming only on weekends? If you switch off your server for more than an hour, we only charge you 60% of the price for the hours offline.

Pay less when offline

Easily link your domain name or a subdomain with your server.

Use custom domain

Don‘t have a domain? Get a secure, custom subdomain on us!

Free hostname

Access your server‘s console and files from anywhere, securely.

SSH and SFTP access

Share and control access to your servers with your team.


Connect your back-end proxied servers securely without exposing them to the Internet.

Private networking

Set-up custom firewall networking rules for your server IP and ports.

Simple firewall

Get an array of dedicated ports for plugins like Dynmap and Votifier.

Multiple ports

Create identical clones of your server with synchronised disk data, useful for network lobbies.

Synced disk

Manage your server’s files directly from our custom web panel.

File manager and editor

Automate literally anything using our RESTful developer API.

API access

In addition to your dedicated server RAM, we also allocate an equal amount of swap memory to ensure optimal performance. When your server needs more memory than your RAM, it uses the swap memory,preventing crashes and downtime.

Memory paging

Raw power for smooth gameplay

Experience outstanding multiplayer gaming with our high-performance game server hosting.

AMD Ryzen™ CPUs

Harness the full potential of your gaming experience with our powerful CPUs that guarantee lightning-fast processing speeds.


Faster data access and quicker load times enhance the overall performance of your server for a better gameplay.


Uninterrupted connectivity with infinite gigabit throughput and 12Tbps DDoS protection capacity for lag-free gameplay.

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